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Friday, 28 July 2017

Follow this link for the Agenda for the August meeting
Report on Meeting of Milverton Parish Council 3rd July 2017

The main item for discussion was the consultation on the proposed Telecommunications Mast alongside the footpath that runs from Wood Street to Quaking House. Several residents were in attendance and expressed a variety of concerns. Councillors noted that it was just a consultation on a prior approval and agreed that the village did need an improved mobile signal. However they expressed concern about the proposed site for the following reasons:
  1. The proposed access is via Public Footpath WG7/25 but there is no indication that the SCC Footpath department has been consulted. Therefore its views need to be taken account of before this application is approved.
  2. There are several residential properties with children within 200m. Councillors noted that any school within 200m has to be taken account of and feels this should also extend to residential properties.
  3. Councillors accept that there is little landscape impact looking from south to north but feel that the mast would be a prominent feature when viewed from the east.
  4. Councillors heard from several residents who owned or have rights (passage and services) over the proposed access route. Councillors felt that the applicant needed to clarify his requirements and obtain the necessary consents before using this route for construction and maintenance.

Under matters to report concern was raised that the school had reached capacity and three new children who had recently moved to the village could not be offered places. Cllr James Hunt from SCC said that he had not heard that report but promised to investigate.

The Chairman reported that the much anticipated consultation over the future of Milverton Surgery was scheduled to start on 10th July although the documents had not yet been finalised.

Councillors discussed the increasing workload on the Council, and the Clerk especially, with the continued and threatened cascade of services. There was also a question of risk over the reliance on one individual and the need to undertake appropriate succession planning. It was therefore agreed that steps would be taken to recruit a Deputy Clerk to assist Gwilym Wren.

Under Roads Councillors were pleased that the various areas that needed cutting back were on the SCC schedule.

The Clerk reported that he had not been able to find a contractor to weed the Jubilee Gardens and would ask Michael Branfield to assist.

There was also a lengthy discussion about the recent joint meeting between the Amenity Committee and the Recreation Ground Committee. The main outcome had been that the Recreation Ground Committee was unwilling to operate the toilets or undertake fundraising to support them and so had decided to close them when the current arrangement with the Parish Council ceased on 31st July. Councillors expressed concerns that the future operation of the Recreation Ground is not on a sustainable footing and the Amenity Committee will seek a further meeting to offer support.

In June the Council spent £2100 on toilet cleaning, salaries, PAYE and insurance.
Gwilym Wren
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council

4th July 2017
Milverton Parish Council
Report of June Meeting held on 5th June 2017

Councillors were joined by ten parishioners and Mr Bryn Kitching of the TDBC Planning Department.

The meeting started with a Public Question about the overgrown state of the footpath across the Creedwell Orchard site. This will be passed to SCC for resolution.

Under Planning Councillors approved the erection of a Barbeque Lodge at a property off Houndsmoor Lane, supported the change of use of a building at Bickley Farm and made detailed comments about a proposed new property in Butts Way.

Several parishioners attended the meeting following the initial consultation about a telecommunications mast near the footpath leading from Wood Street to Quaking House. Whilst welcoming the chance to have enhanced mobile phone reception concerns were raised about visual impact, proximity to properties, access and radiation. Councillors will seek information about why this site was chosen and query whether there might be alternatives which are not quite so close to the village.

Due to a number of queries raised by the Councils auditor it was not possible to sign the audit off at this meeting. A separate meeting will be organised later in the month. The monthly Finance report will be presented at this later meeting.

Following the TDBC Planning Committees rejection of the Non Material Amendment at Creedwell Councillors resolved to write the the Leader of TDBC requesting that Notaro be required to trigger the access option immediately instead of waiting until late July. The letter was also to suggest a meeting to discuss how the site might be more appropriately developed.

The Clerk reported a successful meeting with Dennis Quick of SCC Highways. Many road related issues had been raised and would be dealt with.

The Clerk reported receipt of three letters relating to traffic issues around the shop especially when deliveries were being made. There is a feeling that the prevention of parking on the bus stop and rationalising the school bus pick ups would help and the Council is to pursue this with SCC.

The Clerk reported that he had asked TDBC for help with maintaining the Jubilee Gardens over the summer but despite initial agreement nothing further had been heard. He would now look for other contractors.

The Crime report included two instances of Anti Social Behaviour, two domestics and a missing person (who had been quickly found).

The meeting closed at 9:10pm.