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Thursday, 28 June 2018

The agenda for the July Parish Council meeting can be found here. Please note the 6:30pm start time.
A report on the June Parish Council meeting can be found here

Friday, 1 June 2018

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on 15th May.

A report which will form the basis of the minutes can be found here
Milverton Parish Council Report May 2018

Milverton Parish Council held its Annual Meeting on 14th May in the Victoria Rooms.

The meeting opened with election of the Chairman for the coming year. Dr Julie Richardson stood down as Chairman. Dr Russell Jenkins elected as Chairman un-opposed with Dr Julie Richardson elected as Vice Chairman.
The Parish Council also appointed is committee officers for the coming year, this includes the Emergency Committee, Personal Committee, Amenities Committee which will now include Recreation representatives, Allotment Committee and village organisations.

Under planning, the Council gave their comments on two applications received. The first for the erection of Agricultural building with access track at land at West of Burn Hill, Milverton. Councillors have concerns about the access and speed of traffic for agricultural vehicles turning into the proposed entrance.
The second planning application is the change of use, with the erection of garages and formation of a private driveway and adaption of access at Nitwits/Homeleigh, Preston Bowyer.   The safety of occupants of the two dwellings would be greatly improved and the Council agreed to Support this application.

Councillor Phelps has resigned his position on the Parish Council and the process of finding a replacement has been started. A notice will be displayed advertising the vacancy and unless an election is requested Councillors will fill the vacancy by co-option and would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to play a role in this interesting and varied aspect of village life.
For details and an informal discussion please call the Chair of the Council Russell Jenkins or the Clerk, Gwilym Wren on 400657.

Also, Margaret Wren has resigned as Finance Officer. There were no plans to replace the post.

The Parish Council have started the inspection on the toilets and a surveyor has been to look at refurbishing and modernising the toilets.

Once again, the Council spoke in some depth about The Future Use of the Former Creedwell Surgery. A group of residents and some Councillors have visited the former surgery building.
Cllrs agreed that the Parish Council could not take on the building. Supporting or backing a project might be possible by the Parish Council.  Ideas would be requested at the Parish meeting and for someone to take the project on. Ideas for a community hub have been suggested in various forms including the involvement of the Community Benefit Society, although this group has not fully registered yet. If the Village were to take on the building then a clear business plan will be required before any project or group can move forward. Feedback from the Parish Meeting will be looked at after the meeting.

The Village Clean Up has been postponed until the Autumn with the vegetation growth now started, a date of Saturday 20th October was set and resources will be requested from the offers given before.

In April the Council spent £2201 on salaries, toilet cleaning, and SALC subscription. So far £479.50 of the £525 due has been collected in Allotment rents.

Lorna Thorne

Deputy Clerk to Milverton Parish Council

The next Parish Council meeting will take place on 4th June at 7pm in the Victoria Rooms. The agenda is here