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Monday, 2 August 2010

Brief Notes of the August meeting

Councillors noted with interest the reply from TDBC that it was permissable for residents to put bagged dog waste in normal bins.

Councillors supported the planning application to extend the outside seating area at the Globe but are seeking reassurances from TDBC about the proposed landscaping.

Councillors were reminded that the Village Clean Up will take place on 18th September with support from TDBC and Avon and Somerset Police.

Councillors were disappointed that SCC dismissed their concerns over danger to pedestrians from speeding cars and about poor parking. They were however, pleased that the railings near the Church were to be repaired.

Councillors were excited at the prospect of the Tour of Britain passing through the village on 14th September and hoped that village businesses would benefit.

At their own expense Councillor Trevor Phelps and the Clerk will be attending a Workshop about Sustainable Development for Rural Communities in France in October.