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Monday, 2 September 2013

Brief report on Milverton Parish Council Meeting 2nd September 2013

Following the Site Allocation consultation the Chairman reported on the joint meeting between the 5 Minor Rural Settlements. There is great concern that without fixed allocated sites the villages will be open to speculative development. To counter this TDBC has produced a policy document that seeks to render premature applications before the list of site allocations for each village is finalised.

Councillors were pleased to hear that the Avon and Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner, Ms Sue Mountstevens had accepted an invitation to attend the next Parish Council meeting on 7th October. Councillors agreed to reduce the agenda to essential items so as to allow time for a presentation and questions. It was also agreed to extend an invitation to other Parish Councils and Councillors.

There will be a Public Inquiry into various footpath diversions and one footpath extinguishement to the east of the village. Councillors agreed to write to the Inspector opposing the closure because the proposal was to clear up an anomaly based on an incorrect map. It is clear from the Definitive Map that there is no anomaly and that is what the Council will base its case on.

Councillors also heard concerns about parking on pavements, vegetation impeding pedestrians and roadside car sales all of which will be referred to the Police Planners or Highways as appropriate.

There was also debate about the future of the Preston Bowyer phone box. The Council acquired it last year but has not agreed a site for it. The Clerk will be writing to various land holding village organisations to see if they would be interested in giving it a home.

The street lights in Fore Street have been out for over ten days despite being reported to SCC. Councillors were very concerned at the delay and County Councillor James Hunt promised to follow the matter up.