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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

5th December 2016
7.30pm in the Victoria Rooms Fore Street
The meeting will be preceded by a short presentation from Mr Julian Hosking about the a proposal to set up a Community Benefit Society for Milverton.

Questions from the Public.
Members of the public are welcome to attend and address the Parish Council to provide information and
raise matters of concern.
1. Apologies
Members will be expected to provide reasons for absence. Members are reminded that absence for 6 consecutive meetings without approval could lead to disqualification.
2. Declarations of Interest
The Code of Conduct requires that Members disclose interests of a personal, prejudicial and pecuniary nature that may be pertinent to tonight's business. A prejudicial or pecuniary interest will require the member to leave the room during the discussion of the relevant item. In cases of uncertainty members are recommended to consult the Clerk.
3. Minutes and Matters Arising from minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on 7th November have been circulated. Members will be asked to consider them for accuracy and if satisfied pass a resolution of approval that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record.
The Actions from the last meeting will be considered unless elsewhere on the agenda.
4. Planning
4.1 For Parish Council Decision

4.1.1 23/16/00 36 Erection of Outbuilding to the West of Siskins Bartletts Lane Milverton
4.2 For Parish Council Comment
4.2,.1 23/16/0041 Variation of Condition 02 (approved plans) and Condition 06 (obscure glazing) of Application 23/15/0015 at Silver Cottage, Silver Street, Milverton
4.2.2 23/16/0040/T Notification to fell one Cherry Tree within Milverton Conservation Area at Old Halls, North Street, Milverton
4.3 Other Planning Matters
The Clerk will report on the Inspector's Report into the TDBC Site Allocations Plan.
Mrs Pine and Mrs Lumby will report on the Planning Training on Heritage Issues
The Clerk will propose 7th January 2017 as the date for the next planning meeting.
5. Community Benefit Society
Councillors will discuss the proposals.
6.Milverton Surgery
Madam Chairman will seek input to the next meeting with the NHS Trust which will be held on 15th December.
7. Roads and Footpaths
7.1 Footpath Monthly Report
7.2 Roads Monthly Report

8. Public Toilets
The Chairman of the Amenity Committee will lead a discussion on the current situation. The Clerk will report on the quote from Cotford Contract Cleaners
9. Crime
Members will receive and comment on the monthly crime report.
10. Milverton Telephone Exchange Problems
Mrs Lumby will report on the latest issues.
11. Allotments
The Allotment Committee will report back on the recent meeting with plot holders.
12. Telephone Boxes: Houndsmoor and Courtfield
BT is consulting on closing these boxes due to lack of use.
13. Correspondence
14. Creedwell

The Vice Chairman will provide a report on the Appeal Hearing.
15. Start Time of Parish Council Meetings
Councillors will consider whether to amend the 7:30pm start time as set out in Standing Orders
16. Finance
16.1 Monthly Report

The Council will consider the monthly report and approve payments for Toilets, Grass Cutting, Gardening,Salaries, PAYE.
16.2 Precept 2017/18
The Clerk will provide a report on the Council's finances prior to a decision on the 2017/18 at the January meeting.
17. Parish Council Trustee for Victoria Rooms
An invitation has been received to nominate a Parish Council trustee for the Victoria Rooms. Mrs Lumby is the current incumbent and is happy to stand again.
18. Matters to Report
Milverton Parish Council Report
November 2016

Milverton Parish Council met on 7th November to consider a very full agenda that covered a diverse rage of topics from planning to public toilets.

Councillors discussed two significant planning applications. The first was for Prior Approval to convert an Agricultural Building near Spring Grove Cross to residential use. Councillors voted to unanimously oppose the application and posed several questions to TDBC planners about the proposal and the history of the site.

The second application was for 5 houses in High Street which attracted a lot of interest from nearby residents. Whilst the Parish Council is supportive of small affordable housing developments in the village it did not consider this site suitable as the application made no reference to the Conservation Area or its impact upon it. Councillors also expressed concern about the vague nature of the proposal and the strong possibility of overlooking adjoining properties because of the size and width of the site. As a result Councillors voted unanimously to object to the proposal..

Councillor Jenkins briefed the meeting on the Creedwell Planning appeal which was to be heard the following day. The Parish Council would be supporting the TDBC planning officers but also casting doubt on the value of the Certificate of Lawfulness.

Madam Chairman reported on a useful meeting with the new NHS Partnership that was taking over the Milverton and Wiveliscombe GP practice. Although it was early days the Partnership had employed new staff and was moving to firm up arrangements in other areas. There would another meeting in December and representatives of other parishes with patients at the Practice would be invited.

Councillor Mrs Pine reported that the long awaited repairs and widening of the footpaths around Milverton Court had now been completed by SCC.

Councillors received the latest speed readings from the indicator device in Wood Street, They noted that that speeds recorded meant that Wood Street qualified for inclusion in the SCC Speed Indicator programme. To facilitate this SCC was prepared to install a post and Councillors agreed that this would be a good idea.

Councillor Cotton, the Chairman of the Amenities Committee reported that the asbestos reports on the toilets had been received. They did not reveal any unexpected levels of asbestos but it was acknowledged that any proposed work on the Fore Street toilets would require a new specific survey as well as specialist involvement. Councillors also discussed TDBCs new toilets and street cleaning contractors quote for carrying on the service. The price for both toilets would increase by about 160% meaning the Precept would have to effectively double. Given that TDBC had consistently maintained that it would continue to service the toilets 'at cost' this was a very disappointing outcome. Councillors also recognised that this increase would bring Milverton Parish Council into the Government's proposed capping regime. After some debate about this and the possible implications of village referenda Cllr Mrs Hoyle proposed a motion that the Parish Council could no longer afford to run the Fore Street toilets as public conveniences but would nevertheless be interested in taking on the building for other community uses. This was passed unanimously. It is fair to say that Councillors are extremely disappointed by the recent asbestos revelations and the now steepling costs. These issues plus the fact that the whole business has been dragging on for 3-4 years and just highlights the complete unreasonableness of a higher tier Council cascading services onto very small parishes with extremely limited resources.

Councillors also discussed the development of an Emergency Plan for Milverton which would cover events such as extreme weather which may not prompt an immediate response from the Emergency Services. The Plan has been referred back to the Emergency Committee who will meet on 6th December with a view to finalising the documents and setting out arrangements for it's wider dissemination within the village.

TDBC Councillor Wren spoke briefly about the roll out of Universal Credit and the need for recipients to claim and maintain accounts on-line. Clearly this raises an issue about support for those without the skills or access to computer equipment or with poor connectivity. He has spoken to TDBC about possible access to the hub computer in the Creedwell Community Rooms and will be working with officers to find the best way to make this work. He is also likely to put out a call for volunteers to help vulnerable residents who do not have friends or family to help with claims and changes of circumstance.

As well as removing the large red maple in the Jubilee Gardens Councillors discussed cutting back the shrubs on the boundaries so that the gardener Lucy Reynolds could get the borders under control again. He was asked to draw up a contract to cover both areas of work.

In October the Council spent £980 on salaries, gardening and asbestos surveys.