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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Milverton Parish Council Press Release: Creedwell Meeting

D Day Looms for Milverton

120 villagers attended a public meeting in Milverton last night to hear the latest situation on the development of Creedwell Orchard.

Parish Council Chairman, Jenny Hoyle, explained that, following informal meetings with Taunton Deane Borough Council and the Parish Council, S Notaro of Bridgwater intended to bring forward a planning application for houses on this contentious site. As a result the Parish Council wanted to know the feeling in the village towards a housing development in this location and therefore had called two public meetings.

This first meeting was to outline the current situation and answer questions. The second has been called for next Tuesday, the 25th October, at 7.30pm in the Victoria Rooms when the Parish Council will receive the views of the village.

Recognising that not everybody will be able to attend the meetings or be comfortable speaking in public, the Parish Council is also happy to receive views and representations by phone letter or email to the Clerk, Gwilym Wren.

Mrs Hoyle said “It was tremendous to see so many people here tonight and I hope they discuss this with their friend and neighbours. This is a really crucial time for our village and it is essential that everyone who has an opinion on a housing development at Creedwell, whether for or against, contributes to the debate.”

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Notes for Editors


      The History of the Dispute

            In July 1981 trenches were dug a field adjacent to Creedwell Orchard, Milverton ostensibly to start a housing development before the consent expired. Taunton Deane officials examined the site and concluded that the works did not match the approved plans and informed the developer that the planning permission expired on 7th August.

            In November 2006 Bach Homes of Swindon applied to Taunton Deane for a Certificate of Lawfulness that the development at Creedwell Orchard had been started before planning permission expired. They, however, omitted to submit evidence from the Taunton Deane files about the siting and expiry of the permission.

            Following several months of deliberation Taunton Deane’s Senior Solicitor concluded that on ‘the balance of probabilities a sufficient “start” was made to the development………to have kept the permission alive’.

            Members of the Save Milverton Action Group carried out an extensive search of the Taunton Deane files and uncovered documentary proof that both the works carried out in 1981 and the application for the Certificate to legalise the works were based on a plan that had not received planning consent. Correspondence was also uncovered that proved Taunton Deane had informed the applicant in 1981 that his planning consent had expired.

            This correspondence was submitted to Taunton Deane as new evidence and the Council agreed to review the Certificate.

            In May 2009 Taunton Deane completed the review and concluded that despite that fact that the wrong map had been used and the trenches did not match the planning consent that these were not grounds to revoke the certificate.

            A judicial review process was initiated by the Action Group but concluded that Taunton Deane was within its rights to exercise its 'discretion' not to revoke.

            Further examination of the development plans revealed that the trenches were further away from the permitted location than had been initially realised. This information was submitted to Taunton Deane. However, the Deane solicitor again exercised her 'discretion' and declined to revoke the Certificate.

            Bach Homes no longer has an interest in the site and it has reverted to the landowners, S Notaro.

      For further information or details please contact the Clerk to Milverton Parish Council, Gwilym Wren, Haven House, Fore Street, Milverton, Tel 01823 400657. Mobile 07876 146110. Email

Monday, 3 October 2011

Milverton Parish Council Meeting 3rd October 2011

At tonights meeting members agreed to support the call by the Taunton & District Civic Society for a review of the Government's draft National Planning Policy Framework.

Members also expressed concern about the proposed Constituency Boundary changes, moving Milverton into Bridgwater, and agreed to contact the other affected parishes (Wiveliscombe and Bishops Lydeard) before considering their response in detail at the November meeting.

Councillors noted that Notaro were keen to press ahead with the development at Creedwell. Details of two Public Meetings were publicised to give parishioners the chance to understand the proposals and form a village view. The meetings will take place on 17th and 25th October and will be held in the Victoria Rooms at 7.30pm. It is likely that Notaro will hold an exhibition of its proposals soon after the second meeting.

Councillors discussed the proposal to purchase some land for a Play Area and noted that TDBC had invited a formal offer.  Councillors resolved to make a formal offer and the Clerk was asked to identify funding and seek a valuation to bring to a special meeting of the Parish Council on 11th October. This meeting will approve the final bid figure.

Councillors will undertake a site visist to the Courtfields Allotments on 5th November.