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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Please follow this link to see the September agenda

Gwilym Wren
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council
Milverton Parish Council
Report of Meeting held on 7th August 2017

The meeting opened on a sombre note with a minutes silence for former Chairman, Geoffrey Godbert who has recently passed away.

Under planning Councillors discussed a proposal to build four houses near Olands. Although this size of development meets the Parish Council's aspirations for how the village ought to grow concerns were expressed that the site was outside the village boundary and too close to the Listed Olands House.
Councillors approved the erection of a tree house at The Stables under its delegated agreement with TDBC.

Cllr Wren reported that TDBC had agreed to sell the Creedwell access ransom strip to Notaro for a fraction of its full value. Under the agreement Notaro could build 20 houses and would pay an extra sum for every house built after that. Councillors were very unhappy abut this turn of events not least because it allows Notaro to avoid the normal Affordable Housing requirements and Community Infrastructure Levy payments. Milverton will therefore gain nothing from the development except years of disruption on narrow roads and streets as construction takes place and increased pressure on the village infrastructure in the future. There was a very strong feeling that TDBC had decided to wash its hands of a troublesome issue and leave the community to deal with it.

Madam Chairman reported the latest situation over the surgery. As well as responding to the consultation the Parish Council proposed writing to NHS England expressing concern about the whole situation and how it was being managed.
The Somerset Partnership who now run the Lister House practice had invited the Parish Council to assemble a group of 10 to help evaluate the responses to the consultation. Councillors agreed that this was a step forward and Madam Chairman was asked to accept and invite a representative sample of parishioners to take part.

Regarding the toilets in Fore Street, Mr Cotton reported that there had been two blockages recently which had required the toilets to be closed. Cotford staff had had been very quick to deal with them but he wanted to meet them to establish a formal procedure for dealing with problems particularly outside normal working hours.

Councillors expressed concern at the continuing absence of Councillor Cutler from the meetings. Despite being contacted he had not attended meetings for several months but had not resigned either. As he had been absent for nearly six months Councillors agreed to take steps to co-opt a new member at the September meeting.

Madam Chairman reported that the Personnel Committee had started the process of recruiting a Deputy Clerk and would present a Job Description, Person Specification and timetable to the September meeting.

The Clerk reported that Michael Branfield had carried out weeding in the Jubilee Gardens and done an excellent job.

Councillors were concerned to hear that the seasonal embargo on bonfires on the allotments had been broken and that one plot holder had burnt his shed down. The Clerk will investigate.

Mrs Hoyle reported that a Village Litter Pick had been arranged for 4th September. TDBC vehicles will pick up rubbish etc from the roadside. There was concern that this was short notice during a holiday period and that details were sketchy so she will ask for a postponement.

In July the Council spent £2200 on salaries, cleaning toilets, gardening and grass cutting.

Gwilym Wren
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council