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Monday, 20 August 2012

Parking in Fore Street and lower North Street

The Parish Council is consulting residents about increasing paring restrictions in Fore Street and North Street.


As you may know the Parish Council has been looking at ways to improve on street parking arrangements near the Globe and England's Corner for some time. The goal has been to balance the needs of residents without off street parking with the need to maintain traffic flow particularly for buses.

The recent initiative to place hatching on the road outside Bartletts has not been successful and, if anything has encouraged parking on the narrow part of the road. The Parish Council has therefore had a meeting with Somerset Highways to look at alternative solutions and the only way forward seems to be to restrict parking completely along the sections of road from Little Bartletts towards Creedwell Orchard (see map).

At the lower end of North Street a single white advisory line was painted some years ago with the hope that motorists would not park too close to the junction. Unfortunately this has only been intermittently successful and often buses find great difficult in manoeuvring around the corner with Station Road. If this situation continues there is a chance that the bus service will be removed from the village and use the bypass instead. Again, the Parish Council has discussed this with Somerset Highways and the only solution would be for parking restrictions from a point opposite Cardscroft down to the Silver Street junction (see map).

However, before the Council formally contacts Somerset Highways to increase parking restrictions in the village it would like your views. If you have any thoughts about these proposals or maybe have alternative suggestions the Parish Council would like to hear from you. The Council will make its decision at its next meeting on 3rd September so if you wish your view to be taken account please contact the Clerk, Gwilym Wren in writing by midday on the 3rd at the address above or by email to . The meeting is open to the public and you are welcome to hear the debate..

Yours sincerely

Gwilym Wren
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council

To see the full map right click on it and select View Image.