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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Brief Report of the Milverton Parish Council meeting 
on 4th March 2013

Councillors unanimously approved planning application 23/12/0006/T 23/13/0004 Demolition of Car Port and Outbuildings, Erection of Extension to Dwelling to Incorporate a Garage with the Construction of a first Floor with Dormer Windows and Raised Roof Pitch at Vickerys, Houndsmoor, Milverton.
They also voted 6-3 to support the proposal for a new door in the church but would prefer that the glass panels were not inserted.

Given the changing nature and the sheer effort required Councillors remained uncertain about the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan in relation to the effort required to produce one. It was agreed that Councillors would conduct another house to house survey in order to gauge levels of concern about development and interest in developing a plan. The Chairman will start to compile some questions with a view to agreeing a date at the next meeting.

Councillors thanked the Clerk for the draft response to the a
TDBC's Site Allocations and Development Management Plan Issues and Options consultation and he was asked to add more emphasis to parking issues. The Chairman then proposed that, with these minor changes it be approved as the formal Milverton Parish Council response. This was passed unanimously.
The Council has received a reminder from TDBC that it was still holding funds from local developments. These were £15k for Childrens Play and £5K for Outdoor Recreation and both amounts had to be spent by 21/09/2015. It was suggested that a sub Committee be formed and agreed that this would need to be discussed with the Recreation Ground Committee. It was suggested that membership should also include TDBC. This will also be on the agenda at the Annual Parish meeting.

Mr Roger Cotton was co-opted to take the place of Mr Barry Cottrell who resigned before Christmas.
Councillors discussed the footpath proposal from Turnpike along the Hillfarrance Brook. They were concerned that a delay in dealing with this would effectively cut off access for many years. It was therefore agreed to approach the land owner with an access licence to see if something could be negotiated. The Clerk was asked to draw up a proposal.

Several road matters were brought up. The Road Policing unit are aware of the Butts Way speeding issue and will be carrying out random checks.
It was reported that traffic volumes through Houndsmoor seemed to be increasing.
Councillors asked the Clerk to invite Dennis Quick of SCC Highways for another tour of inspection particularly as the roads were deteriorating after the harsh winter.
The Clerk was asked when the double yellow lines for lower North Street would be installed?
The Clerk was asked for an update on the transport arrangements for the Grange Farm solar farm.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Milverton Parish Council

24th February 2013

7.30pm in the Victoria Rooms Fore Street


Questions from the Public.
Members of the public are welcome to attend and address the Parish Council to provide information and raise matters of concern.
  1. Apologies
Members will be expected to provide reasons for absence. Members are reminded that absence for 6 consecutive meetings without approval could lead to disqualification.
  1. Declarations of Interest
The Code of Conduct requires that Members disclose interests of a personal, prejudicial and pecuniary nature that may be pertinent to tonight's business. A prejudicial or pecuniary interest will require the member to leave the room during the discussion of the relevant item.
In cases of uncertainty members are recommended to consult the Clerk.
  1. Minutes and Matters Arising from minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on 4th February have been circulated with the summons to this meeting. Members will be asked to consider them for accuracy and if satisfied pass a resolution of approval that they be signed by the Chairman as a true and accurate record.
  1. Planning
Taunton Deane has passed on planning applications for the Parish Council to consider.
a) Planning Applications for Parish Council Decision
23/13/0004 Demolition of Car Port and Outbuildings, Erection of Extension to Dwelling to Incorporate a Garage with the Construction of a first Floor with Dormer Windows and Raised Roof Pitch at Vickerys, Houndsmoor, Milverton
Councillors will be invited to make a decision on this application
b) Planning Applications for Parish Council Comment
23/13/0002 Alteration of West Porch Doors at St Michaels Church, Parsonage Lane, Milverton
Councillors will be invited to make comments on this application
c) Neighbourhood Plan
The Chairman will provide a report on progress.
d) TDBC's Site Allocations and Development Management Plan Issues and Options consultation
i)SHLAA Consultation
ii) Village Boundary Consultation
iii) Village Sites Consultation
e)Land at Olands
The owner has invited the Parish Council to suggest potential uses for this land. Representative of the School Governors will be present for this item.
f) S106 Monies
g) Other Planning Matters
The Clerk will provide a report about other general planning matters and suggest a date for the next site visit.
  1. Creedwell
The Chairman will provide a verbal update.
  1. Co-Option of Replacement for Mr Cottrell
Following Mr Cottrell's resignation from the Council members be invited to nominate candidates and will vote to who to co-opt to replace him.
  1. Crime
The Police Report for February will be presented.
  1. Roads and Footpaths
a) Monthly Footpath Report
Mrs Lumby will report on the footpaths.
b) Monthly Road Report
Members will raise issues of concern.
  1. Village Survey
Following the success of last years Creedwell survey the Chairman will lead a discussion about making Parish Council village surveys more frequent.
  1. Correspondence
a) For Information
b) For action/Resolution
  • Somerset Flood Summit
  1. Finance
a) Monthly report
The monthly report will request payments for Salaries, PAYE, Recreation Ground Grant, Dog Bins.
b) Review of Grant Policy
  1. Clerk Salary Review (CONFIDENTIAL)
  2. Matters to Report
Members are invited to report matters of interest and raise matters of concern for future consideration by the Council.