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Friday, 15 April 2016

Report of Meeting of Milverton Parish Council 4th April 2016

Milverton Parish Council met for the last time under the Chairmanship of Dr Russell Jenkins. Dr Jenkins has been elected chairman for each of the last four years, the maximum period allowed by the Council's Standing Orders. Mrs Pine proposed a vote of thanks for his hard work over the last four years which was unanimously supported. The Council will be holding its Annual Meeting on 9th May when a new Chairman will be elected.
The main item on the agenda was the future of public toilets in the village. At the March meeting Councillors had reluctantly agreed to take on the ownership and running of the toilets in Fore Street from TDBC. The Clerk reported that he had agreed Heads of Terms for the transfer of the Fore St toilets and TDBC had agreed to continue to service the toilets 'at cost' (£525 per month) up to the date of transfer. After transfer TDBC had offered to continue cleaning the toilets for £438 per month but the Parish Council would be directly responsible for rates and services. If the Parish Council agreed to this, completed the transfer and continued to contract TDBC to clean the Fore St toilets then TDBC had offered to continue cleaning the Recreation Ground toilets for an extra £100 per month. The Clerk has instructed TDBC to proceed with these arrangements pending formal transfer and an agreement with the Recreation Ground Committee. Councillors resolved to set up a meeting with the Recreation Ground Committee to agree a way forward.
Under planning Councillors supported applications for the change of use of a store to residential at Bickley Farm. Councillors also considered the installation of two new mobile homes for family members at High Park View. Whilst supporting the application they considered that this development represented the maximum number of mobile homes that the site could hold.
The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Clerk reported on their attendance at the Taunton Deane Site Allocation Examination in Public. They were able to set out the Council's concerns about the chosen site in Butts Way. They also highlighted the lack of development sites in the village and reiterated the Parish Council view that the village should grow 'organically' through the development of small well dispersed sites. The Inspector said he had visited Milverton and did understand the limitations of layout and heritage.
Councillors unanimously agreed to continue the Delegated Planning Agreement with Taunton Deane which allows the Parish Council to determine certain planning applications.
Taunton Deane Councillor Wren reported that TDBC was proposing to agree to extend the 'window' for S Notaro to apply to buy the access to the Creedwell field to avoid a costly planning appeal.
Councillors heard that a large Turkey Oak had blown down across the B3187 from land owned by SCC. The Clerk reported that the tree had been diseased and Councillors asked him to contact SCC for information about when the trees in that area had last been checked for safety.
The Clerk reported that a new gardener had been appointed to tend the Jubilee Gardens who would start work later in the month.
There will be a Village Clean up on 16th April to tie with the Clean for the Queen initiative for her 90th Birthday celebrations.
Since the last meeting the Council has spent £2045 on salaries and expenses (£470), PAYE (£260), a bin in the Jubilee Gardens (£285), the TDBC Planning Officer attendance (£80), a grant to the Wiveliscombe Community Office (£500), several other small grants (£375) and VAT (£73).

Gwilym Wren
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council
9th April 2016

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Victoria Rooms Fore Street
at 7.00pm on 13th April 2016


The first 30 minutes of the meeting will be an open session where parishioners can mix freely with representatives of village organisations and societies.
At present the following have indicated that they will be in attendance:
  • Milverton Concert Society
  • Milverton WI
  • Milverton Conservation Volunteers
  • Milverton and Fitzhead Society
  • Milverton Archive and Historical Society
  • Wiveliscombe Area Partnership
  • Milverton Girl Guides
  • St Michaels Singers
  • Milverton Twinning Associations
  • Milverton Gardening Club
  • Milverton Victoria Rooms*
* Report Only

The meeting proper will start at 7.30pm

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes
  3. Milverton Parish Council Chairman’s Report
  4. Fore Street and Recreation Ground Toilets
  5. Milverton Recreation Ground
  6. Milverton Allotments
  7. Village Clean Up and Dog Mess
  8. Milverton Archive
  9. Jubilee Gardens
  10. Tree and hedge Management Butts Way
  11. Any Other Business