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Monday, 3 September 2012

Milverton Parish Council Meeting 3rd September 2012
Brief Report

The Planning Report has been posted separately on this Blog.

Cllr McMahon (SCC) reported that the County Council highways had restricted the access routes to the proposed 41 acre solar farm in Halse.  He had asked that the impact on construction traffic on Milverton be taken into account.

The S52 amendment relating to Creedwell access is now going to TDBC Planning Committee on 26th September.

The Village Green consultation period has closed and submissions are being studied by the County Council. They will decide whether to resolve the matter themselves or request that it goes to Public Inquiry.

The monthly crime report covered diverse subjects as theft, anti social behaviour, family arguments, burglary and loss of fish.

In attempt to solve the parking problems near the Globe and at Englands Corner the Council sought residents views about increasing double yellow lines. Eight people replied with a range of views.
After some debate, which included members of the audience, Councillors voted on the following resolution:
'To remove the white hatching outside Bartletts in Fore Street and install double yellow lines, from the west end of the hatching, westwards to the entrance of Creedwell Orchard.
To replace the single white line with double yellow lines at the eastern end of North Street. The yellow lines to extend into Silver Street as far as the Give Way sign.'
This was passed by a vote of 6:2.

A village resident has written to the  Council about the state of some of the grass banks in the village. They are the responsibility of the TDBC or private owners. The Council will make a tour of the village and consider what action to take.

The Chairman reported that Mr Phelps had tendered his resignation as Vice Chairman and therefore an election would be held at the next meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.

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