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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Milverton Parish Council 8th August 2011

Councillors were thanked by the Chairman for the efforts made to respond to TDBCs Core Strategy which will be submitted by the deadline of 19th August.

A report was received about the successful initial meeting to discuss proposals for teh Queens Diamond Jubilee in 2012.  Over 35 ideas were put forward and the Parish Council agreed, in principle to provide some financial support. The next meeting will be on 7th September at 7.30pm in the Victoria Rooms.

Councillors discussed the Police and SCC response to the concerns over speeding through Preston Bowyer. The Police were pursuing the issue through the local Speed Watch Group but the County Council were uanble to offer any practical assistance.

In addition a resident raised strong concerns over inconsiderate parking in the centre of Milverton. She related a string of recent incidents including parking on pavements which obstructed the elderly and young families,  damage caused to badly parked cars by a a tractor trying to enter Rosebank Road from Fore Street and the congestion caused by parking in in the narrow street outside the monthly market.

Several footpath issues were reported including access for dogs across the 'Creedwell Field' and blockages on paths towards Lower Lovelynch. The diversions at Preston Farm were also discussed. 

Councillors aslo receieved a report from the recent Recreation Ground committee meeting and were intrerested to hear that Pinders Circus was coming to Milverton in September.

The next Parish Council meeting will be on 5th September.

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