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Monday, 11 July 2011

Milverton Parish Council 11th July

Here are some brief notes about tonights meeting.

Planning applications were passed at The Old Dairy Ford Bridge and Bickely Farm.
A sub Committee was set up to look at the Core Strategy and advise on the consultation response.
The Chairman will speak at the TDBC Planning Committee meeting that discusses the Runnington Proposal.

Following Somerset County Council's offer of Small Transport  Scheme funding the Parish Council put forward a proposal to improve England's Corner. This is being regarded as the 3rd priority by SCC.
Following representations from a Preston Bowyer resident about speeding the Parish Council will request that the Milverton Traffic Action Group has a look at the situation.
Councillors expressed satisfaction with the resurfacing of Parsonage Lane.

Councillors expressed support for the proposed Car Share scheme.

Tree Warden
A renewed request will be placed in the Parish Magazine.

Kingsmead School Volunteers
Councillors were delighted with the efforts of the Kingsmead volunteers in clearing the Millennium Benches and the roundabout verges. The project was so successful that there are hopes that it will become an annual event.

Thanks were offered to  Councillor Jenkins for setting up the PAYE system. In order to carry this work forward a Human Resources sub-committee was established.

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