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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Milverton Annual Parish Council Meeting 16th May 2011

Mrs Hoyle received 7 votes to Mt Phelps's 4 and was elected to post of Chairman for the coming year.Mr Phelps was appointed Vice Chairman for the coming year. 
Somerset Strategic Housing Assessment
The Clerk read an open letter from Messrs Mckaskie and Richardson concerning the TDBC Strategic Housing Assessment recommendations for the west of the village.
It was agreed to use the letter to 'kick start' the process of delivering a Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk was asked to place the matter on the next agenda and use it to form a group to take the issue forward.
In his TDBC capacity The Clerk was asked to ascertain the status of the current plan and what the process and timetable was to replace it.
The Clerk reported the various problems that had arisen as a result of the Triathlon notable the poor road signage, speed and abuse from riders and a lack of control over 1 way system. He was asked to write to Tone Leisure and copy the letter to the Police and SCC/TDBC.

PC Jeffrey reported that she had followed up the reported of uncovered trailers coming through the village with Mr Whittle. In fact laden trainers had been routed through Nynehead and Allerford with only empty ones coming back through Milverton. It was agreed that representatives of the Parish Council should meet Mr Whittle and the police before next years harvest to agree routing etc.

Mrs Lumby reported a problem with W7/28. She also reported that some of the Millennium benches were overgrown and was seeking volunteers. It was agreed to place this on the agenda at the next meeting.


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