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Monday, 4 October 2010

Milverton Parish Council October Meeting

This evening the Parish Council approved planning applications for properties in  Woodbarton and High Street.

The Parish Council voted to send the Clerk on a course to qualify for a Certificate in Local Council Administration.

Councillors discussed the ongoing problems in the village caused by through traffic and exacerbated by inconsiderate parking on narrow streets and pavements.

A proposal to divert several footpaths was discussed. Councillors were concerned that they would net be able to respond adequately in the time available and the Clerk was asked to request an extension.

The subject of dog fouling on the footpath to school was debated. This is a perennial problem and Councillors are now accosting culprits to try and deter this anti social behaviour.

A successful allotment meeting was reported. There will be a second meeting on 29th November to build upon the progress made.

Councillors noted with concern and regret the proposal to fell one of the Lombardy Poplars that has been a landmark at Creedwell for many years.

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