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Monday, 5 July 2010

Milverton Parish Council Meeting 5th July 2010

Here is a brief report of tonights meeting.

TDBC has responded to the Parish Council's letter about the Planning Committee meeting that passed the Garden Centre in Wellington. TDBC apologised for not informing the Parish Council of the meeting but refuted all the other issues raised.

The Parish Council reveived a letter from a Fitzhead resident regarding the poor access on the day of the Street Fair. This will be passed to the Milverton Trust for consideration.

Following TDBC's cutting of the orchids on the roundabout (for the second year running!) more had been cut alongside a footpath. It was agreed to make sure that owners were informed and locations marked next year.

The Parish Council is to seek clarification of the use of ordinary bins for dog mess. It seems that it may be possible for dog walkers to use them, thus removing the need for expensive dog bins.

The Parish Council is to launch a survey into nesting birds and set up a website to collate results.

Parishioners prepared to look after a footpath are being urged to register with Rights of Way so they can be added to list for insurance purposes.

The Parish Council has had email notification that Path WG 7/43 which has been blocked by ploughing and cropping is to be dealt with by enforcement

The Parish Council is to to ask the 4 volunteers to share the Tree Warden post.

THe Twinning roses have been planted in the Jubilee Gardens. The Twinning Association are to be asked to help cover the costs.

Following SCC's refusal to consider a 30mph speed limit on the Wiveliscombe Road the Council is to ask for signs alerting drivers to the presence of pedestrians.

Gwilym Wren
Clerk to Milverton Parish Council

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