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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Garden Centre Planning Committee Decision

The Wellington Road Garden Centre proposal went to TDBC Planning Committee on Wednesday 26th March.

After an hour of evidence and arguments, with the Planning Officers dismissing most of the points put forward as irrelevant, Councillors voted to refuse the application.

Unfortunately after a further hour they could not reach agreement with the officers on effective and defendable reasons and eventually those that were put forward were dismissed on a vote.

Accordingly without reasons to oppose the original motion was resubmitted for a vote and this time the application was passed on the Chairmans casting vote.

Severe concern has been registered at this outcome and the conduct of the meeting. For example many objectors were not told that the meeting was on and therefore did not get sight of the Planning Officers report until the meeting itself. There were also significant differences of opinion between some Councillors and the Officers over the interpretation of policy.

As this was only an outline application battle will no doubt be joined again when details are submitted.

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